Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vegetable Rice Paper Roll

     A Light Vegetable Summer Roll!
     Vegetable rice paper roll is a nice summer season appetizer, snack or light lunch.  Vietnamese style vegetable rice paper rolls (summer rolls) are light on the tummy and they are refreshing.    
     Some street food shops sell rice paper rolls plane on a paper plate with some dipping sauce.  Casual restaurants usually present rice paper rolls on a platter with a few garnishes and sauces.  A fully garnished summer roll platter can be shared by 2 guests.          
     Vegetable Rice Paper Roll:
     This recipe yields 1 large rice paper roll.  
     Step 1:  Place these vegetables in a steamer basket:
     - 3/4 cup of thin sliced Napa Cabbage
     - 1/4 cup of very thin sliced green pepper strips
     - 1 green onion that is cut into long thin strips
     - 1/4 cup of julienne carrot strips
     - 1 thin sliced button cave mushroom.
     Step 2:  Place the steamer basket in a steamer.
     Steam the vegetables for about 1 minute, so they are still crisp to the bite (al dente)
     Step 3:  Place the steamed vegetables into a mixing bowl.
     Add 1/3 cup of mung bean sprouts.
     Add 1 pinch of sea salt and white pepper.
     Toss the ingredients together and set the bowl aside.
     Step 4:  Select a shallow pan that is more than 12" wide.
     Add enough hot tap water, so the water is about 1/2" deep.
     Step 5:  Place a 12" wide round rice paper roll sheet in the hot water.
     Soak the rice paper till it becomes soft.
     Step 6:  Dampen a counter top with a sprinkle of water, so the rice paper does not stick.
     Place the soft rice paper sheet flat on the wet countertop.
     Step 7:  Mound the vegetables across the middle of the rice paper.
     Fold the side edges over the ends of the vegetable mound and roll the vegetable roll into a sealed cylinder shape.  (Try to keep the ends of the finished rice paper roll flat, so the rice paper roll can be stood vertically after it is cut in half.)
     Set the Vegetable Rice Paper Roll aside.
     A street food style summer roll is usually only served with Fish Sauce.  A platter presentation can be garnished to the hilt.  
     The choice of garnishes are up to the chef!  Throwing in some Korean and Japanese style items is acceptable.  This recipe describes the garnishes on the plate in the photos.  Some of the garnishes can be purchased at an Asian food market. 
     Step 1:  Bias slice the rice paper roll in half.  (Bias slice = cutting on a 45ยบ angle.)
     Set Both halves upright on a plate.
     Step 2:  Pour about 1 1/2 tablespoons of Thai Peanut Sauce on the plate next to the rice paper roll.  (Store bought Thai Peanut Sauce is fine for this recipe.)
     Step 3:  Garnish the plate with:
     - Chili Oil Marinated Lotus Root Slices.
     - Pickled Seaweed Salad
     - Daikon Radish Kimchi.
     - Sliced cucumber that is flavored with sesame oil, a splash of rice vinegar, sea salt and white pepper.
     - Slice Carrots and scallions that are marinated with soy sauce and sugar.
     - Snow Peas and Sprouts marinated with sesame oil, minced ginger and lime juice.
     - Sun dried anchovies that are coated with hoisin sauce.
     This is healthy summer food! 

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